Thursday, June 30, 2011

Working, living and loving The Blue Mountains

This week, we thought we'd take a moment to share why we love working and living in The Blue Mountains...

Arriving at our bushy appointed warehouse on a crisp winter's morning to find the local resident wallaby thawing in the sun is not a bad way to start the working day. Living in the Blue Mountains, we are in awe of the natural wonders on our doorstep in this World Heritage Listed area. Around the corner from us is the Glenbrook entrance to the Blue Mountains National Park which includes access to Glenbrook Gorge, Jelly Bean Pools and Euroka Clearing. Intriguing names that won't disappoint.

The food of the Blue Mountains, from the Hawkesbury and Nepean flood plains, to the Mountain farms from Kurrajong to Hartley, abounds in a wide variety of producers and wonderful cafés and restaurants that turn this produce into mouthwatering meals. The City of the Blue Mountains has been recognised as an outstanding source of fine food and quality produce with endorsement as a Cittaslow community.

The top of the Mountains is about an hour and a half away from Sydney by car but don't drive straight to Katoomba, enjoy your journey. We'd like to share some of our favourite places along the way;

At the foot of the mountains on the banks of the Nepean River is Cafe at Lewers. At the Penrith Regional gallery, set between the galleries and surrounded by the gardens with charm (the kids will love playing amongst the pretty flowers and hedges) chef Ross Dobson's menu uses local produce.

As you start heading into the Mountains, the blink and you miss it town of Warimoo (The Moo to the locals) is home to DmF Emporium, an eclectic café experience. The lower mountains is also home to a true hidden foodie gem…Blaxland's Restaurant Como offers spectacular degustation nights. Como has been awarded 1 Chef's Hat from the SMH Good Food Guide in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 and we highly recommend it. Run by lovely people too!

Once you reach the heights around Leura and Katoomba and the Caffeine cravings are tingling, be sure to stop in at True To The Bean. Great coffee and waffles! In the old power station in Katoomba you will find Carrington Cellars home to local boutique wines and local deli produce. And of course don't forget to drop into our warehouse on Friday afternoons to pick up some of our delicious seconds.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Looking into the Lens

Last week we found ourselves looking into the lens of multiple cameras. You know the feeling when you smile and hold that smile until it becomes a clench, then a grit, then an 'um-can-I-stop-doing-my-ronald-macdonald-grin-now'? Smiling is supposed to be spontaneous…There is nothing spontaneous about being filmed, but it does get the adrenalin pumping!

On Wednesday Rob from Food Wine Dine, came to make the video to air on Virgin national and international inflight entertainment July-Dec. He was amazing…I can't tell you the amount of swearing and raspberries he edited out but he pulled all the bits together to make a fun piece. Amazingly he actually made us sound coherent. One thing that is apparent from the video, is just who at Gingerbread Folk is doing all the work. Whilst the bosses are trying to look important in front of the camera, there is our baker toiling away in the background. See the video at and also check out some of the other stories
of foodie people around Australia that Food Wine Dine has filmed.

On Friday we had a visit from Melissa Mylchreest (creative director of House and Garden magazine) and Meryl Butterworth (freelance photographer) from Buttermilk Publishing who are putting together a photographic journal of the Blue Mountain's food, people and hidden gems. This is going to be a great collection about more than just The Three Sisters with a significant focus on the lower mountains. (By the way, if you've never been into the Blue Mountains National Park accessed from Glenbrook you are in for a special surprise…Glenbrook Gorge is well worth a visit!) We're really excited about the publication on the place we call work and home, and will keep you informed regarding its progress.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Making Your Business Memorable

Gingerbread Folk are unlocking your clients' and employees' positive emotions to make businesses remembered. ..and all from the comfort of the work desk!

Have you
experienced how a smell or taste can instantly transport us to another time and place.

Marcel Proust a French novelist, described this in his monumental work À la recherche du temps perdu (translated as Remembrance of Things Past). He writes of an experience in which he tastes a Madeline cookie and a sip of lemon tea and is flooded by a vivid happy memory of his Aunt's house, from his childhood 40 years earlier.

Smell and taste relate to memories of emotional rather than informational content explains Dr. Stuart Firestein, a biologist from Columbia University. He adds that this sensory memory, recalls very distant but strong memories and recreates them vividly. It is a survival trait that helps us avoid what we don't like to eat but advantageously allows us to enjoy our positive experiences time and again.

Gingerbread Folk have a range of corporate gifts to refresh and rejuvenate your business relationships. Open a tin of gingerbread cookies, let the aroma embrace you and the taste transport you. For more about Gingerbread Folk's memorable cookies visit