Wednesday, November 14, 2012

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

Here's how to make your very own edible Christmas Tree! Watch our demo as we show you how amazingly quick and simple it is to assemble our gingerbread Christmas Tree ready for decorating.

The tree kit package contains everything required to build your very own gingerbread tree ready for decoration. Included are six prebaked gingerbread branches, foil baseboard, icing mixture, piping bag and instructions.

Included are 6 prebaked gingerbread branches, foil baseboard, icing mixture, piping bag and instructions. Made with all natural ingredients, no added colours, flavours or preservatives and are totally egg-free. They make a stunning christmas table centrepiece - decorate it to suit your theme!

XMAS SPECIAL gingerbread tree kits reduced to $26.00. That's $10.00 off for one week only - offer ends midnight 21/11 at Gingerbread Folk's online shop

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Child's Play - Gingerbread House for Little Hands

Food preparation is gaining popularity amongst budding young chefs…and what better fun than building and decorating a gingerbread house? No toiling necessary with Gingerbread Folk's ‘pre-baked’ kit of parts. Assembly is simple and components include highest quality, lightly spiced  aromatic gingerbread, foil baseboard, icing mixture, piping bag + instructions.
Made with all natural ingredients, no added colours, flavours or preservatives and totally egg-free, kits are packaged in pretty a carrybox tied with red ribbon and Christmas gift-tag. Purchase for a group activity  by email
or buy individually online (and in fine food stores nationally)

The Gingerbread Folk  House Kit offers an experience, so everyone is involved in the process of design rather than just buying a finished product. There's a wonderful sense of satisfaction knowing "you made it yourself" Watch a demo by a clever 8 year old...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Local Blue Mountains foodie book

Born of the desire to share the authors' own experiences and delights living, eating and exploring everyday life in the spectactular Blue Mountains of NSW, Local Heroes reveals secrets, treasures and an undiscovered dimension of the special destination west of Sydney.

Follow this trail and you’ll discover our Local Heroes – the people, the places and the food of the Blue Mountains” say Meryl and Melissa, the dynamic photographer and creative director duo behind this stunning new book.

"Local Heroes begins at the foothills on the western side of the Nepean River and winds its way up the Blue Mountains, stopping in at the villages that dot the landscape, to the top of Mount Victoria. Along the way, we share the region’s best coffee, the purest chocolate, masterfully produced breads and preserves as well as recipes from our favourite chefs." say the authors.

Amongst the stories are  award winning chocolates of Josophans, sublime Nineteen23, fabulous coffee Pink Papaya and hatted Restaurant Como just to name a few - and yes Gingerbread Folk are in there too!

For more updates about the publishing date watch Local Heroes. ...and where can you buy this treasure? Stay tuned as it will be available as a special package at Gingerbread Folk's online shop from November 2012. Megalong Books in Leura will also stock the book. This is a terrific gift for anyone with a soft spot for the Blue Mountains and a penchant for good food.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Dairy-free products are gaining momentum in the marketplace and the appeal goes beyond those with dairy-related intolerances and allergies. Vegans, seekers of Kosher Pareve products are all consumers choosing a dairy-free diet.
For a chance to WIN our exceedingly happy NEW DAIRY FREE gingerbread men SNACKPACKS, pop over to  Facebook and tell us why you think our dairy-free gingerbread should be available in your local cafes and foodie stores. Be creative as our favourite posts will WIN their own delicious delivery of dairy free gingerbread men! Yum yum!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dairy free Delivers

Now the gingerbread man you know and love is available as a delicious dairy free cookie! Whether you are lactose intolerant, choosing a vegan diet for health or concerned with animal welfare, these cookies can be consumed with confidence.

Gingerbread Folk started making dairy-free gingerbread for their vegan friends back in 2003…Over the years, demand for these cookies has increased and we are now delighted to offer regular and chocolate DAIRY FREE gingerbread. Available at our online shop in valuepacks of 24 and snackpacks of 8....Watch out for our Facebook comp starting next week where you can WIN a selection yummy dairy free goodies.

...And don't forget, if you're heading to MasterChef LIVE this weekend, be one of the first to try our new dairy free gingerbread on sale near the DIY gingerbread masterclass with Adriano Zumbo' (early morning Sat 6th Oct)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cooking with Kids Pantry at MasterChef LIVE...

Gingerbread Folk is delighted to announce we're teaming up with Kids Pantry for the 3rd year running at MasterChef Live. Be one of the first to experience our new DAIRY & EGG FREE GINGERBREAD making a debut here at the show (product hasn't hit the stores yet!)

The fun begins on Fri 5th October and continues over the weekend at the Hordern Pavilion and Royal Hall of Industries, Sydney

Check out
Kids Pantry for more info on how to join one of these classes and meet some of your favourite chefs and MasterChef Contestants ...As Kids Pantry says "Dont be afraid to come and 'Get your mitts dirty'!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

When is a biscuit not a biscuit?

According to Wikipedia a biscuit is a baked, edible, and commonly flour-based product...but when is a biscuit not a biscuit?

You're on your way to the US aboard an American airline and you've got your cup of tea on inflight service. Thinking of a sweet goodie to dunk, you request a 'biscuit' but to your dismay you’re told they don't serve those…which would come as quite a surprise to someone from a culture where Arnotts Niece twin-packs are standard. (think Driver Reviver!) In fact, with your request for a biscuit, you would have been asking for more of a scone-like baked good to accompany a meal…which frankly is not airline fare. I'll know next time to ask for a 'cookie' or a 'cracker' '.

Whether you consider gingerbread to be a biscuit or a cookie, the wonderful experience of its aroma, spices and warmth is highly desirable. With an imminent visit to the United States, I took a little look around on the net to see how Americans are enjoying gingerbread and discovered some interesting gourmet items including gingerbread spice chocolate bars, tea and a gingerbread flavoured syrup that can be added to drinks. We even found some products that transcend the edible...candles and a gingerbread liquid handsoap!

Well I'll be sure to be cruising the snack aisles selecting carefully my 10kg quota of biscuits…err – cookies, allowed back into the country.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cookie Architecture

Here I am making gingerbread for a living. If you'd put a crystal ball in front of me back in the early 90's, I probably would have thought I had gone insane…which wouldn't have been far off the mark as any sleepless architecture student would attest to. Now I don't sleep for a different reason, juggling a bustling cookie business and a young family. At the end of the day though, I'm still the same adrenalin junkie I was back then.

I applied to do architecture after the idea was suggested to me by my mum. (She'd watched me make a few houses for my teddies as a kid!) Launching straight from my regimented high school education at Sydney Girls, with nothing more than a pinch of maturity (I'm undecided whether my naivety was a help or a hindrance) and a whole heap of obsessive behaviours, I embarked upon this demanding vocational degree with waivering dedication fuelled by techno, caffeiene and an addiction to exercise-induced-endorphins.

Over the next 7 years, I experienced everything from empowerment to hopelessness. I was influenced yet unspoiled, inspired yet vulnerable. I rejoiced in finding an outlet for my stagnant creativity, and cried in the aloneness it brought. I felt both intense admiration and raging hatred toward my tutors and made beautiful friendships along the way. Halfway through my degree I jetted off to study abroad and landed myself with a double culture shock, studying alongside Americans in Denmark. I fell in love with the country, a part of which would stay with me forever.

Last year Gingerbread Folk was delighted to supply the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Queensland and ACT Chapters with gingerbread house kits for their members' end of year Christmas events. This weekend, our kits are bound for Melbourne where they will be used at a camp for the Institute’s student member representatives from architecture schools around the country. Leading industry supplier Stylecraft have also run competitions where they have given Gingerbread Folk's house kits as corporate gifts. We thought the 2010 winning entry by Bower Architecture was beautiful.

It was a rocky ride through my architectural degree and I am delighted if my business can encourage and support architecture students on their journey. I hope my experience will reinforce that this education can be a valuable stepping stone to anything in life. It's about being true to yourself and believing in a vision. It isn't really clear to me when I 'departed' the profession. It wasn't cut and dry, however it is cool to know that my association with architecture has come full circle.