Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dairy free Delivers

Now the gingerbread man you know and love is available as a delicious dairy free cookie! Whether you are lactose intolerant, choosing a vegan diet for health or concerned with animal welfare, these cookies can be consumed with confidence.

Gingerbread Folk started making dairy-free gingerbread for their vegan friends back in 2003…Over the years, demand for these cookies has increased and we are now delighted to offer regular and chocolate DAIRY FREE gingerbread. Available at our online shop in valuepacks of 24 and snackpacks of 8....Watch out for our Facebook comp starting next week where you can WIN a selection yummy dairy free goodies.

...And don't forget, if you're heading to MasterChef LIVE this weekend, be one of the first to try our new dairy free gingerbread on sale near the DIY gingerbread masterclass with Adriano Zumbo' (early morning Sat 6th Oct)

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